Posted December 06, 2018 06:31:54 When Cinderella got down with the rope, the Cinderella story has come full circle.

Now, the crown is on the other hand.

A look at the rise of a Cinderella story, and how to tell one in your own way.

This is not your typical Cinderella story.

Instead, the story begins with a woman who falls in love with a man and then a man who falls into a coma and dies.

She is then married off to another man.

The marriage is arranged by a king who has a beautiful woman who he wishes to marry.

After a while, he meets her, and the couple is in love.

She has to have the baby, and she does.

After a while they decide to separate, and he is happy.

But the baby is born prematurely and dies soon after.

But there is another woman, this time a man, who is in a coma.

She dies and the baby stays with him.

He is in agony and tries to kill himself.

When the king comes to his rescue, he offers his daughter to the king.

But she is afraid of him, so she tells him to go away and not tell anyone about the baby.

He leaves.

The king comes back, and now she is pregnant again.

So she gives birth to a baby girl.

And the king gives her another son.

The King is a handsome man.

She gets a ring.

So they marry.

The husband is in an agony and asks the King for money.

He agrees to give it to her.

She asks for it, and asks him to come and see her.

And she gets a wedding ring.

She puts it on.

But he refuses.

So now the King has to decide whether to tell her the truth or lie.

He asks the woman to tell him what she saw.

She says she saw a baby, who was crying.

The baby is dying.

She does not want to tell anyone.

The mother says the baby was a man.

So the King says to the woman, “Who is the baby that you saw?”

She says, “A man.”

So the King goes to the hospital and finds the baby and puts him in a cradle.

Then he goes to see the mother, who says, she has a baby.

The Queen comes, and there is a baby in the cradle.

The nurse sees it and calls the King.

The girl tells the King, “I saw a man.”

The King tells the girl, “No, a man died.”

The girl says, ‘Yes, a baby was born.’

The King says, “You are a liar!”

She says to him, “Yes, you were a liar.”

The Queen says,  “You’re a liar, and a liar will die.”

The baby says, “I can’t do that.”

The King says “The King is lying to me!”

The baby says to “You, the King of England, you are a fool.

You are a murderer, and you will die!” 

The King replies,  “The Queen has no right to tell you this.

It’s her business.

Do you know how many people died in this town before you came?”

The woman says, The King did not tell me the truth.

But if he did, he would have said that the child had been born.

The child says, Well, that’s good.

I am very grateful for the help.

I’m sorry.

I think you are very kind.

It was only a matter of time before someone would find the truth and tell the Queen the truth,  she says.

The child cries out,  “I can tell you the truth!”

And then she dies.

Somehow, the woman survived the death of her baby and then died, too.

You know, we know a lot about what happened in this story, says one reader,  It’s a good Cinderella story because the king, who has been trying to kill her for years, comes back and rescues her, with the blessing of the Queen.

But not before he makes a promise to the Queen, to tell the truth to her mother, and to tell everyone. 

This is one of the few stories that is actually true, the reader says.

And it has the ring, the ring being a woman’s ring.