It’s the second story of the week, so I’m going to break down the next story this week to see if we can get some answers.

The first story is about the story of John the Baptist, a man who was a practicing Christian who decided he was not interested in his job, so he became a beggar and wandered the streets.

This story is actually pretty interesting because the story doesn’t actually have a happy ending.

This was an era when the Church had very little influence over the life of Christians, and so the story was a sort of an embarrassment for Christians who felt that they were being oppressed.

But that’s not the story that many people want to tell, as the story is really about John the Baptist, and the Christian tradition around him is one of being a good Samaritan.

He was a very good man who did not have any children, but he had a very simple way of living.

It’s a very common story among Christians, but it has its own history and its own nuances.

And so this story is one that the average person can relate to, and we have to remember that Jesus, as well, is a very kind and generous person who was very generous in his dealings with the people around him.

So in a way, this story actually serves as a kind of corrective for the Bible, which tells us that Jesus was a kind and gracious person who wanted to show that he is more than a man of wealth and privilege.

The story itself has been around for hundreds of years, and is probably most likely about the time of John’s life.

It was written about in the Old Testament, and a few scholars say that this story tells the story about Jesus that we have today.

So if you want to know what it is about Jesus and the story around him that you can relate, you can read this story.

So, the first story, John the Christian, tells us the story we have about the way Jesus dealt with people, and he was a pretty good man.

He had a simple way to live.

He wasn’t rich, and there wasn’t a lot of material around to make himself rich.

But Jesus is very kind, very generous, and very generous people.

So what did John do?

He became a Christian.

Now, John is a story that we tend to focus on because he was an interesting figure in Christianity.

So this story isn’t really about how Jesus dealt in the world, and it’s not really about Jesus dealing with other people.

John was a good man, but not rich.

He didn’t have any wives, but the fact that he did have children is a great sign that he was really loving and kind and compassionate.

But the fact of the matter is, this is a Christian story.

Jesus, being a kind man, was a Christian and was very compassionate and kind, and was kind to all the people he met.

And this is not a story about being a Christian who is rich and privileged.

This is a Christ story.

It is the story for the Jesus story, and this story explains what Jesus did and why he did it.

John the Samaritan is a good example of this story because John had this simple, simple way that people could deal with people.

He saw people as simple, ordinary people.

If you asked someone what they do for a living, John said, Well, I’m a Christian, and I work with people for money.

And he saw people who were poor, and they said, What do you do for money?

And he said, Why don’t you get a job?

You work at a factory.

And they said no, you don’t have a job.

And John said I’m not a Christian!

But John didn’t say, Well that’s fine, because I don’t think I’m really a Christian at all.

But he said I work for money, and if I don’ think that I’m doing something wrong, then I should just leave my job and go to a monastery.

And people said, Oh, John, you’re not a true Christian.

John said no!

And he went to the monastery, and in that monastery he learned the Gospel.

Now this story also explains why Jesus is a better man than John.

Because John is very generous.

He never thought that he should be rich, but what he learned was that there were people who could give money to poor people.

And what John learned is that there are people who will help people in need, and that he had to be very careful not to let his generosity be exploited.

John didn’ see himself as a rich man, so John was careful not not to use that money for personal gain.

And the people who worked for him didn’t think that they should get rich from his generosity.

But John was so compassionate, so kind, that he cared for everybody.

John is one example of how we can see this story from