Posted December 14, 2019 05:16:06This adidas shoe is the latest to be released from the brand’s new basketball shoe line, the NBA, which has been in the works for years.

It’s a futuristic shoe that promises to be “more than a game changer” for the NBA.

“The adidas LeBron James shoe was designed for the next generation of athletes and fans around the world.

It features a more powerful shoe, enhanced for a faster and more accurate impact, and improved ergonomics that will make LeBron James the fastest man in the world,” the adidas website says.

“The shoe also introduces a new and innovative way of interacting with the basketball that will enhance the experience of every fan, player and coach.”

Here’s what you need to know about the adisos new LeBron James basketball shoe:The adisas LeBron James shoes feature a lighter shoe that will fit LeBron James better than the usual one that’s a bit too big for him.

The heel of the shoe is a bit wider than usual, so it won’t fall down on his foot when he’s shooting.

The shoe features a new design that allows LeBron James to glide through the court, even when he doesn’t have his foot in bounds.

“It also has a new mesh construction that is designed to improve airflow and reduce drag, so LeBron James can shoot, pass, and defend better,” the website says of the new LeBron shoes.

The adizas LeBron shoes are expected to debut sometime in 2020, and it looks like it will be the most technologically advanced LeBron James footwear to date.

But it’s not the only new basketball product from the adizos new line.

There will also be two LeBron James 3D basketball shoes.

The shoes are still being made, but it looks as though they will be in production soon.

The NBA is still waiting for the new Adidas LeBron James line to be ready for launch.

“We have the materials in place and are looking to complete our manufacturing process in late January, 2019,” a spokesperson for the league told The Washington Times.