If you’re struggling to keep sex safe in your workplace, here’s some tips to help you achieve the goal of maintaining your own sexual health.


Don’t use a vibrator if it’s on.

If you use a dildo, be careful to not accidentally expose yourself.

It’s much more comfortable for you to use a pen than a dildos, which can be a bit too sensitive.


Make sure your desk is clean.

It can be very distracting if your office is crowded.

It also might help to keep the cleaning on the outside of the office.


Don�t use a condom.

If there is an unplanned pregnancy, you may find it more comfortable to use an unlicensed sex toy.


Make your partner feel comfortable.

Being comfortable with sex can help you avoid unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

If your partner is feeling uncomfortable, try having your partner touch the other person.

This can help them feel more comfortable about sex.


Be prepared.

If something unexpected happens, it might be better to let your partner know about it.

If the situation becomes difficult, talk to them about how to handle it. 6.

Make it easy.

It might not be possible for you or your partner to be discreet, but you can try to do something to make your work environment feel more welcoming.


Remember that sex is not compulsory.

The workplace is for everyone and sex is never compulsory.

If it is important to you, try not to have sex unless you have agreed with your partner that you want to. 8.

Take a break.

It may be too difficult to make a full recovery from the birth control pill.

Take some time to unwind from the stress of the birth-control pill and enjoy the natural things in your life.

If this doesn’t work, seek help from your GP. 9.

Have a safe sex life.

Make a safe space where you can be yourself.

If someone is going to have a difficult time having sex, it is very important to make sure you are able to have fun with them.


Remember, there are many different sexual health and sexual practices.

Sexual health issues are complex and don’t always coincide with one another.

Discuss what you and your partner think about your sexual health issues with your doctor.