By now you’ve probably seen the trailer for ‘Funnily enough to Be a Comic’, a television comedy set in a world where people call themselves ‘neverending stories’ and their stories are told to them.

The show is based on the bestselling books of the same name, and is set to air on Sky Atlantic in the UK in October.

It stars David Mitchell, Adam Driver, and James McAvoy as three comic-turned-writers, each trying to tell the world’s funniest story.

The writers all have their own quirks, too, as Mitchell has a recurring role as a nerd who is always on the look out for a story to tell, while McAvory and Driver are the only two to get to actually tell their own stories.

The series was created by the comedy duo Matt Bomer and Mark Lippman, who have written for a range of shows including Top Gear and Top Gear Live.

In the series, which is set in the future, a new genre of storytelling is emerging called ‘continuity’ where stories told from different points in time are woven together.

It is a way of telling stories that is more than a series of jokes, and the idea of this new storytelling format is hugely appealing to Mitchell and his co-creators.

‘I wanted to tell a very simple, funny, and simple story that was very simple to understand and that had the potential to be quite addictive,’ Mitchell told BuzzFeed News.

‘So I wanted to make a show that’s a very different experience for people.

‘It’s a show about comedy, but it’s also a show where the story is very simple and it’s very relatable.

‘The whole thing was based around three very simple rules: that the stories you tell should be as simple as possible, you shouldn’t need to do anything extra, and you shouldn