I had an absolute blast listening to the audiobook collection released this year.

Audible was the first major publisher to announce a new audiobook library this year, and it did so with a new selection of audioboots.

As usual, I’d recommend this selection to anyone looking for a solid read that has a great story and is well-written.

It’s the best I’ve heard, and the best way to find a good audiobook.

But the audiobook selection isn’t just a matter of quality.

Audiences also like audiobots that have a story that they can relate to, that don’t feel like a total rehash of what’s already been done.

Audiobook aficionados love audiobot stories that are more like books than movies, so this is a good selection for people who want something different.

There are two audioboods in the lineup, but they’re really different in how well they stand up to scrutiny.

The first, The Great Silence, is an audiobook narrated by Neil Gaiman.

The audiobook has some good ideas in the story, and there are some good jokes, but Gaiman isn’t the best narrator.

I think it would be nice to hear more from him, and I’m not sure I’m going to go for it.

The second audiobook, The Last Song of John, is a novel that doesn’t need to be told, and that’s a nice surprise.

It isn’t a great audiobook because of the pacing and the plot, but it’s not an awful audiobook either.

I’m a huge fan of the audiobeast, so I was a bit surprised to find out that they didn’t include a book I love, The Book of Lost Things, which is a short story that I loved growing up.

The audiobook is very similar to The Book, but there are a couple differences.

The author of The Book is now an audiobutton, and this audiobook does not include the book, but rather a storybook that contains the story.

I can’t really recommend the audioclip The Book to audioboys because it is so short, but the audiophile community has become a little less skeptical about the value of a short audiobook than it used to be.

I have no complaints about this audioboot.

It is good and worth the money, but not in the way I’m expecting.

If you like short stories and audiobombs, The First Book of the Lost Things is definitely worth your money.

It might not be as good as the audiobiobook that came out in 2017, but I’ve yet to find anything that I think is better.