It’s been a while since we’ve had a horror film that genuinely scares the shit out of us, and the genre’s long overdue for a major reboot.

A reboot would be a game changer for the genre, and a real step forward in the field of storytelling.

But, alas, the only real reboot in recent memory was the original Silent Hill 2: The Room, which was the third entry in the series that set the stage for many of the other horror movies that came after it.

And while Silent Hill is a classic of horror, the film itself isn’t as original as the rest of the franchise.

It’s not as disturbing as it should be.

The main problem with the film is that it’s not particularly scary.

It follows the standard narrative structure that has become familiar in horror films: a couple is living together, and their children are kidnapped and held in a haunted house.

It works pretty well.

The problem is that the film follows the script that’s become familiar to us over the years, and it’s so often poorly executed that the audience never feels like they’ve gotten the full horror experience.

And when we do get a real scare, it’s usually because of some poor cinematography or poor sound design.

We know what to expect when we see a haunted mansion, but the reality is that there’s rarely a real horror film out there that is so badly made.

So let’s break down the film and find out why it’s such a terrible film.

The Story The first thing to know about this film is what it’s really about.

It opens with a shot of a couple in a hotel room, and then the film cuts to a scene in a house.

There are three main characters: Joel, who is a lawyer, who works for the government, and his partner, Nancy, who’s a nurse.

Joel and Nancy are the only two people in the house who know about the kidnapping.

Joel is trying to find out what happened to their daughter, Rebecca, who was kidnapped.

Nancy and Joel are trying to locate Rebecca, but they’re not sure what happened.

And the only thing they have is an old picture of Rebecca, taken years ago.

Joel thinks he’s got the answer.

The plot of the film consists of Joel and his partners trying to figure out what the hell happened to Rebecca and why Joel has no idea who the kidnapper is.

When the story begins, we see the two protagonists in a motel room, with their son, a detective named John, and Rebecca’s daughter, a doctor named Karen.

It appears that Karen has been kidnapped by a group of men who have kidnapped Rebecca.

The two characters, however, don’t know who these men are, so they try to talk to Joel, but Joel is too busy trying to get Rebecca to talk.

The scene cuts to Joel and Karen talking on the phone.

Joel says, “I can’t believe it.

I’ve got no idea what happened.”

Joel says he’s not sure why Rebecca is in the hotel, because he’s never seen her there before.

The story cuts to the hotel room.

There’s a girl, whom Joel thinks is Rebecca, and she says she is there because she’s been kidnapped.

The girl says she’s a doctor who’s been treating Rebecca.

But Joel can’t figure out who she is, so he goes to the room and asks for her to come to him.

When he asks, she says, I’m here because my mother was kidnapped and raped.

Joel goes to check on Rebecca, because Rebecca is still unconscious.

But when he asks her to talk, she starts screaming, “Daddy, Daddy!” and then tells him that she’s being tortured.

Then Joel comes in and finds Rebecca being tortured, and he’s terrified.

He then realizes that she isn’t Rebecca.

It turns out that her real name is Karen, and that she and Joel were kidnapped together.

But Karen says that she doesn’t know where Joel is and that Joel’s only answer is to find him.

Joel then asks Karen what happened when she went to the hospital to check out Rebecca, only to find her in a coma.

She says she fell and broke her neck, and was raped and murdered.

And Joel’s heart sinks.

It wasn’t a dream.

It was Karen’s real body being tortured and murdered for him to find.

The next scene shows Joel and the girl being kidnapped.

When Joel wakes up, he finds Karen’s body lying on the floor of the hotel.

She’s been raped and killed.

Joel doesn’t feel anything.

He wakes up and sees that he has no memory of Rebecca.

And that’s it.

No more questions about Rebecca.

In the next scene, Joel and a couple of other people go out into the city to try and find the kidnappers.

They’re searching for a man named Bob, who has been hiding out in the abandoned building.

Joel asks the two people to call him Bob, and they do. He calls