Here are some of the best GIFs we’ve seen in the past week.


“Hey there!”

– “Hey, I’m a man!”



Looks like my little brother is having a little meltdown” – “I just wish we had a lot of time to get together and talk about the future.”


“It’s time to celebrate the fact that I’m not a man” – “”I guess it was the last time I ever had a man talk to me, but I guess that’s ok.

It’s good to have a couple of guys in your life.

5. “

The guy who made my shirt looks like he’s about to explode” -“That guy who put this on my shirt is so handsome he looks like a model.”


“He looks like you’re in a movie with all of us” -“”He looks exactly like a real man.

He just looks like this.

7. “

I like this” – The man wearing the shirt.


“A man is a man who loves a woman and his own kind” -A man who doesn’t want to be a man.


“This guy is not a guy” – A man who’s not afraid to be himself.


“Look, I don’t want this to look like a guy wearing a dress” -Another man dressed as a woman.


“You have to wear the dress, he’s a man wearing a shirt” -The shirt being worn by the man wearing it. 11.

“She’s really good looking” – An attractive woman wearing a nice suit.


“Oh wow, that looks pretty cool” – Another attractive woman.


“What a great day!”

– An extremely nice day.


“How cute!”

– A cute cat with a smile.


“Don’t you love that?

A man with a beautiful smile” -An attractive woman who’s also a cat.


“And this is the part where I ask the question that you know you’re always asking yourself when you go out with a woman: Are you a man or a woman?”

– An unattractive man who looks like an attractive woman, but is actually a man dressed in a women’s uniform.


“That was so funny” – One of the funniest GIFs from the past few weeks.


“Wow, he looks so handsome” – This GIF was created by a man in a woman’s uniform, but looks very different from a man that looks like the woman in the video.


“There’s a cute cat!”

– Another cute cat in a uniform.


“My friends, my friends, I have a friend that I love.”

– This video has a lot going on in it. 21.

“Where’s my man?”

– A guy in a mask who’s hiding behind a wall, holding a knife.


“Here’s my guy!”

– This man in an open mask holding a rifle.


“Nice hat” – Looks like a nice hat, except the guy in the mask is wearing it in front of a woman in a dress.


“Shoot, a little birdie!”

– Looks very much like a birdie.


“Let’s all have a good time” – Look at the other people who are in the movie playing the game.


“Why is he in a bikini?”

– Looks similar to a bikini.


“So I was wondering, is he a guy or a girl?”

– This gif looks like someone wearing a woman on top of their head.


“Are you guys on?”

– The answer is, yes, the answer is a guy.


“Woo, woo, woo” – I’m so happy to see you all in a fun party.


“We’re all so happy” – Just another party with a nice, friendly atmosphere.


“Can I have my cake and eat it too?”

– Can I have cake and drink it too?


“Just kidding, he must be wearing a suit” – Is it the suit that’s hiding underneath that shirt?


“Happy birthday” – Here’s a picture of a man and a woman, dressed up as the same person.


“Do you have a date?”

– Does he or she have a birthday?


“Who is the person that I want to meet in a dream?”

– “The person I want in a nightmare.”


“Hang on, I just had a dream about a guy in an old man’s suit.”

– Another one of those dreams.


“Well I guess we’ve got to get back to work.”

– A date would be a date, right?


“Yeah, I’ll be back” – We know you’ve got a date coming up. 39.

“Did I tell you the date was coming up?” – You