People are looking for naughty stories about their friends and family.

Facebook has just published a list of what people are reading and what their favourite sites are doing.

The list contains some popular posts but there are a few gems on the naughty erotic side.

Read on to find out what you are reading.

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Facebook story page.

Read full articleThe naughty erotic trend is growing in India.

Some of the sites on the list are:Facebook: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and VKontakte.

Facebook is also offering free access to their newsfeed for a month.

The company has also announced a series of news-feed updates in the coming months.

It has also started advertising on its newsfeed.

Twitter: Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Twitter is also looking to build up its adult content to get more attention.

Instagram has started offering adult-themed ads in their news feed.

Pinterest is currently offering a paid ad on its adult newsfeed and has also opened its app to users.

Vimeo is offering a series with their own stories, which are not free.

Vimeo also started offering a free adult video stream.

Instagram also recently announced a new adult video platform called YouTube.

Vikings, which started in India in 2014, started offering their own series of stories.