I’m a lesbian, and my sexual orientation isn’t as straight-up as it used to be.

I was always comfortable in the closet, and I’ve never felt like I was a lesbian when I was younger.

I started going to gay bars, and the gay community had its own set of rules about the kinds of things that I could and couldn’t wear, or even do in public.

I never considered myself queer, though I do think that sometimes I’ve just had a different kind of experience in the last couple of years.

But now I’m finally feeling comfortable in my own skin, and when I’m at home, I feel like I can be myself without being too ashamed.

Like I don’t have to hide anything from anyone.

In a way, that’s my biggest fear: I’ve always been afraid to be myself, but now I have a new reason to be afraid of that.

I feel better about who I am and who I want to be in life, and it’s a lot easier to find that in a place like Gayborhood.

There are a lot of things about being gay that are really hard for me to talk about publicly, because I’m not a very public person, and they have a hard time letting me go about my life.

And so I have to keep my mouth shut.

I don and don’t want to talk.

I’m afraid to tell people what I’ve been going through.

My biggest fear is that I’m going to end up a loser, or worse, a pervert.

I have this fear that I can’t be myself if I’m so out there.

I just wish that I had more friends and less pressure, and that I didn’t have so much pressure from people who think I’m gay.

What are the most difficult things you’ve faced as a lesbian in the past year?

I have been dealing with some of these issues the most in the beginning of my relationship with a man.

I’ve had a lot more awkward conversations about sex, and sex with a partner, because we’ve always known that we’d be comfortable in bed.

We’ve been in this weird place where I’m comfortable, but there are some things I’ve learned I’m never going to get used to.

I think a lot has changed in the LGBT community since I was 17.

There were a lot fewer people who were in the mainstream who were willing to openly admit to being gay, and a lot less pressure.

The biggest challenge for me was coming out as gay in the first place, because being openly gay and bisexual meant I was more visible.

I used to just be a very visible minority.

I felt like nobody really cared about me.

But in the end, the gay rights movement is a much bigger deal than me.

The LGBT community has come a long way since the gay barber shop in L.A. was shut down.

The world has moved on a lot since then, and there’s no reason to think that it’s going to go back to the way things were before the LGBT movement.

It just makes me sad to think about how much better things could have been.

But I can tell you that my most difficult experiences are just coming out and being out as queer, because it’s such a huge step.

There’s not much of a stigma attached to it.

I can get a lot done on my own time.

I get to do stuff with my friends, and make new friends, even if I don