A ghost story may be the first thing you come across in a haunted house, but what you see is only a fraction of what’s actually happening.

The reality of what lurks around the edges of a story is often hidden behind the veil of a haunted mansion.

Here are the best tips to help you spot a ghost story.

How to Spot a Ghost Story How to see a ghost?

Read on to find out what to look for and what to avoid when seeing a ghost.

What to Look For If you see a figure, a man, or a woman, you should probably leave the room or turn off the lights before entering.

A ghost is typically a ghost with no physical presence and is often a ghost that has taken over a house.

You’ll find a lot of ghosts in haunted houses, but not all are in the same room.

A few are in a room with others.

A good way to spot one is to turn on the lights and listen to the music in the background.

Some ghosts might be hiding out in the shadows or in the corner of the room.

Other ghosts might have come to life in the night or in your room, or maybe they are still asleep.

If you do see a real ghost, it may be hiding in the attic, crawl space, basement, attic room, basement bedroom, or crawl space.

If the figure is in a bedroom, the figure may be a man or a lady, but it could also be a boy or a girl.

A little girl, maybe a boy.

If it’s a girl, you’re likely to see her in a bed or chair, or she might be playing a game with a stuffed animal or in a cupboard.

If there are ghosts in a house, you may see a man in the living room or the living area.

If not, you might be seeing a woman in the bedroom.

If someone is seen in the room, they could be a ghost or a ghostly figure.

Sometimes you can hear the footsteps of someone moving or a light will flash.

Other times, you can only see the light of the lantern or flashlight.

How To Avoid A Ghost Story The best thing to do is to leave the house before the ghost appears.

If your ghost is seen, stay quiet and be prepared to get the hell out of there if you can.

If an apparition doesn’t come out of nowhere, it’s most likely a ghost, a spirit, or an entity that is out to get you.

A common problem is that the ghosts appear and disappear in the middle of a room, which can be frustrating and can be scary for you and your family.

If that happens, you’ll want to make sure you have a way to leave your home and not be disturbed.

The safest thing to try is to try to leave when the ghost disappears.

If no one is around to see if you’re safe, try to be as inconspicuous as possible.

A lot of ghost stories are about people finding their way into the attic or crawl spaces, so you need to be careful.

If a ghost shows up on the stairs, try and leave the stairs.

If he/she is in the crawl space or attic room with you, leave the crawlspace or attic as quickly as possible and don’t look back.

If ghosts don’t show up on your doorstep, leave immediately.

If they do, you have to make the most of the situation and leave, and be careful not to scare the ghost off.

If this happens, be aware of where the apparition is and stay quiet, but try to see the ghost if you see him or her.

If nobody is around, make sure the ghost is gone before you leave.

Be sure you get rid of any evidence of your presence before leaving.

If some ghostly figures appear in the house, get a flashlight and try to look out the window or window blinds.

The lights will give you a sense of where you might come in contact with the ghost, but don’t try to peek in through the blinds or through the window.

You may be surprised to find some ghosts are actually invisible.

If these ghostly things don’t disappear, it means they’re hiding in a crawl space in the basement or crawl room.

If ghostly people show up in the hallway, you will be more likely to get a scare than you would be if they showed up in a living room.

Ghostly people also may show up by climbing over the walls or the ceiling.

If people show in the hallways, you don’t want to go in there because the people may scare you.

Ghost figures can be seen by walking in the dark and hiding in dark places.

A person may be seen standing in the doorway of a dark room, and then disappear in a flash of light.

This may happen at night or if the ghost comes out at night.

You will want to take care of the problem and stay hidden.

You should avoid trying