Posted by MTV News on Thursday, September 22, 2018 09:07:58We’ve been talking about the similarities between Star Wars and Rogue One and how they both use the same elements to create the same effect.

This week, we wanted to get you a quick primer on what they mean, what they’re based on and how you can use them to make your own.

The original trilogyThe first films of the Star Wars saga, The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi are all set hundreds of years before the events of the upcoming films.

This means that they are the prequel trilogy, set before the advent of the first film.

It’s important to remember that the films are part of a wider story and each of the films have a central theme.

The first film, The Empire Strikes Back, sets the story in a galaxy far, far away, and begins with the Empire attacking a planet, the Death Star, which is home to the Empire’s Emperor.

The Death Star is a massive, heavily-armoured machine that can destroy entire planets.

It was also around this time that the Empire would launch the attack on the planet Canto Bight, which was later known as the Death Cloud.

The Empire’s fleet is deployed on the Death Domain and the Death Stars are activated.

As you can see from the opening shot, the Empire has a big gun.

It looks like a blaster, but this is a very old weapon.

It has been used before, but the Empire used this weapon to fight off the Galactic Republic.

It was a new weapon for them, and the Empire now had a new tool.

The Death Star explodesThe explosion of the Death Sphere in the Death Empire’s attack on Canto C, the planet where the Death STARs are located, is the biggest explosion in the entire film.

The second film, Return of The Jedi, begins with Luke Skywalker (Adam Driver) returning to his old homeworld of Tatooine to warn Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ian McShane) that the Emperor has arrived in the Corellian system and plans to attack.

The Emperor has been waiting for Luke for years, and is ready to kill him if he does not stop him.

Luke takes his saber and fights the Emperor.

He is a master fighter and it shows in his lightsaberplay, as well as the fact that he is able to deflect the Emperor’s deadly beam, the lightning bolt.

The Emperor has the Force.

It is important to note that this is the first time that Obi-Nuwan Kenobi (Sean Bean) has seen the Force, but it was in the first Star Wars film.

The second film is a continuation of that plotline, so the Emperor is a major villain in the film, but not the first one.

The Return of Jedi takes place hundreds of times in the Star War saga.

The first two films take place before the beginning of the Clone Wars, and this is in a different galaxy.

The Republic, the original Galactic Empire, is still on Tatooina, and a conflict is taking place between the two factions.

The Clone Wars are still ongoing, and Luke Skywalker is fighting alongside his father, Darth Vader.

The Rebel Alliance, a rebel group that has been formed from the remnants of the Rebel Alliance in the wake of the events in Return of a Jedi, is trying to stop the Empire from attacking the galaxy.

The Empire’s plans for the destruction of the Galactic Empire were revealed in the final film, Episode VIII.

The plans are outlined in a holographic map that is shown to Luke Skywalker.

In the final scene of the film the Emperor appears to be defeated, but Vader’s lightsaber is still hanging from his right hand.

This is a new lightsaber, created specifically for him by Vader, and has been upgraded to be one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy, but that does not make it any less deadly.

The new lightsaber is called the Stormtrooper.

The Stormtroopers are also equipped with an array of weapons, including lasers, superheated gas and a missile launcher.

The new lightsaber in the filmsThe new Stormtroop armors are also quite different from the originals.

The original Stormtroooms wore heavy metal armour, with metal plates that were welded onto the armour.

They were also made of a tough plastic that had to be repaired.

The Stormtrooplones are made from light alloy and are more streamlined, with a thicker, lighter armour and a new light-gray colour scheme.

The redesigned Stormtrooes are much less durable than their predecessors.

The armor is thinner, and there are a few small scratches that are noticeable.

The weapons are much more accurate and reliable.

This new StormTrooper armour is one of many changes in the new films.

In both The Force Awakens and Return, the Storm Trooper’s armour is replaced by an armour that is similar to that of the Storm Troopers