A 17-year-old college student who claims she was sexually assaulted at Waco, Texas, by a group of men is sharing her story to warn others that they need to be vigilant when it comes to sexual assault.

Medical News Today reported the teenager, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke to medical professionals about the incident, and told them about the assault she said took place last March.

The woman claims she had a boyfriend when she went to Waco for a friend’s wedding, but they didn’t get along.

The woman told Medical News Now that she went out to get a haircut on March 12.

She and another friend were sitting in the restaurant at the Waco Convention Center when three men walked up to them and started talking to them.

She said the men “were not wearing pants or anything.”

According to the woman, they got up and left before the men could get to them, but the men followed them and grabbed her by the back of the head, which made her scream.

The three men grabbed her in the back, and she was able to grab the men and get away.

The three men allegedly told the woman they were going to have sex with her, and that they were only going to do it if she agreed.

She said she told the men, “Don’t rape me,” and “I’m a virgin,” but they continued to grab her and her friend, while the third man “took turns raping” her.

The man she says assaulted her told Medical Newswire that he was a “young white guy” and he was “very drunk.”

Medical News Now reported that the woman told investigators that she had sex with three men and that all three of them “kept their mouths shut.”

She said she thought she was going to get pregnant from the rape, and the man “put her on a bus” because she “looked pregnant.”

The woman said she decided to go to the police because she was terrified of what would happen to her if she reported the assault.

The medical professional who treated her said the assault happened in a “dark, abandoned building” and that she believes the victim may have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Medical News Line reached out to Wackenhut College and the University of Texas at Austin to confirm the woman’s account, but neither institution could immediately respond.

The Texas Department of State Health Services has released a statement on the case, which reads: “The Department of Public Safety (DSHS) will be conducting a full review of this incident to determine the appropriate next steps for a review and prosecution.

The DPS will work closely with the state’s Attorney General’s Office to determine whether there is a legal avenue to prosecute the perpetrators of this alleged assault.”

Medical experts have said that sexual assault can happen to anyone regardless of gender or age, and sexual assault is not uncommon.

“A lot of times, it’s a woman who gets hurt,” said Dr. Sarah Matson, a trauma and sexual violence specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital, in an interview with Medical News Online.

“It’s really hard to find the right balance between the victim and the perpetrator.”

“It’s not like she’s in this situation because she’s being blamed,” Matson added.

“The trauma of being a victim can be very overwhelming.”

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