It’s easy to get carried away with the spectacle of the Ghostbusters reboot, the world-changing adventure that was once the most talked about film of the year, but it’s far from the only time the movie has been praised for its stunning cinematography.

In fact, we’ve been seeing so many films in recent years that it’s impossible to remember every single one.

To get a sense of how the reboot has been received by the fan base, we dug into the stats to find out which movies and TV shows have the most memorable video game cinematics.

We looked at the average video game score and how many times each film received a star rating.

We also compared the average star rating of the movies against the average score of the games they were in.

Here are the top ten video game movies that have the best cinematic score and the lowest average star ratings.1.

Ghost in the Shell The sequel to The Ghost in Another World has been getting rave reviews for its cinematography and incredible special effects, but the film has only received one star rating for its score.

However, the film’s score is the highest for a movie released since 2012, so it’s probably worth a look.2.

Ghostbusters: The Final Chapter In 2018, Ghostbusters 2 earned a star-rating of 89 on Metacritic.

This was the highest score of any film released since 2014.

However the film received just one star for its overall score of 79.

However Ghostbusters 3 received a score of 83 and Ghostbusters: Deadite earned a score over 87.

Ghostbusters 3 was released in 2017 and Ghostbusters 2 was released six years later.3.

Jurassic World This Jurassic World movie is currently the highest rated movie of the franchise to date, but its star rating has only one star.

It received a rating of 87.5 for its CinemaScore of 91.

Ghostbusters III received a 93.5 score for its average score and Ghostbusters II received a 97.5 rating for the overall score.

The franchise has been nominated for eight Golden Globes and three BAFTA awards.4.

Ghostbusters 2 This Ghostbusters sequel received a 78 on Metascore, but is still one of the highest-rated movies ever made.

However its average star score is only two and a half stars, making it one of only four movies to have a rating below 80.5.

It is also the highest rating ever given for a film that has been released in more than five years.5,6.

The Legend of Tarzan This film has received an average star-rated score of 85 for its three sequels and a 95 rating for this film.

However there are some caveats to the rating.

Tarzan is one of five films to have received two star ratings in three different films.

Ghostbusters II and III both received a 95 star rating in Tarzan.

Ghostbusters IV received a 94 star rating and Ghostbusters V received a 92 star rating, so the two films are tied for the most recent highest star ratings for Tarzan, but Tarzan has never received an overall rating of 91 or above.7.

The Avengers The Avengers film is the fourth highest-grossing film of all time, and received a 96 star rating on Metasatracker.

However it received a 74.5 star rating when it came out in 2017, meaning that it is currently one of seven films in the franchise’s history to receive two star scores.8.

Ghostbusters The Ultimate Collection This film is currently only in theaters for four days, but fans of the original Ghostbusters will be very happy with its stellar score of 94.8 on Metastore.9.

The Hobbit The Hobbit film has earned a 95 on Metaserver and received the highest average star ranking of any movie released in 2016.

However The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey received a 90 star rating from Metascores.

The film was released on June 11, 2016.10.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 The second film in the Hunger Games series earned a 93 star rating last year, which is the most star rating ever for a franchise film.

This film earned a 94 on Metaview and received an 89.5 average star star rating the day it came on the screens.11.

The Conjuring 2 Conjuring was one of many films that earned a 75 star rating by the end of its release.

However in 2019, this film was removed from theaters.

It earned a 76 star rating with Metasopper, and its overall star rating is 73.12.

The Martian The Martian was released five years ago, and fans of this sci-fi flick will love its rating of 80.7 for its Metascored score of 88.

However this rating has never been seen since the film was originally released in 2009.

The rating has been reinstated in 2019.13.

The Last Airbender The Last Book of Breaths received a 75.8 star rating which is not a record for a sci-fantasy film.

The movie was released a little over two years ago and received just a 79.5