By now, you probably know that there’s a stigma around sharing sex stories in online dating.

But what about sharing your sex with a partner?

Do you have to be a virgin to be accepted by a date?

Are you required to be single to be an accepted member of a dating app?

Are there rules against dating apps letting you share your sex?

And if you’re dating someone on Tinder, is it really okay to share your intimate relationship on your app?

We spoke with Tinder’s co-founder, Colin Van Ness, to find out.

Tinder has now introduced a new “safe” profile type called “sext” that allows you to share intimate pictures of yourself, and we asked Van Ness about whether it’s possible to share this kind of intimate content on Tinder.

“I can’t comment on the safe profile feature,” Van Ness said in a statement to Engadgets.

“However, the Safe Profile feature is intended to be used as a way to communicate about your life in order to improve the experience for all users.

The Safe Profile type has been in testing for a few months, and while it’s in the early stages, it’s been incredibly helpful to our users.”

We also asked Van Nash if it was safe to share sexual content on the app, and he said he couldn’t comment.

“It’s not possible to comment on a Safe Profile, because we don’t currently have any data to show that the Safe profile feature is harmful or unsafe,” Van Nash said.

“I can only say that the feature is a very small part of Tinder’s overall suite of features and will not impact any of our users.”

There is no safe profile type available to us in the Tinder app at this time.

We’re working with partners to make the Safe feature available to more users.

“Van Ness said that Tinder is currently working with several partners to implement the feature, and they will begin rolling out the feature in the coming weeks.

Van Nash also addressed how safe profiles are handled on Tinder in general.”

The Safe profile type has never been an issue on Tinder for a long time, and Tinder will continue to work on improving the Safe status feature for everyone,” Van Ness said.”

If you are in a relationship, then there is no way you are being treated like a ‘secret’ in Tinder.

As a result, Tinder’s Safe profile will only show if you are a verified Tinder partner or the person you are meeting.

If you’re not, we will not show it.

You can still be matched and have a safe profile, but we are not going to be showing it.

“What’s more, Van Ness did not say how safe it is to share any of your intimate photos with your partner on Tinder–he said it would depend on what kind of profile type you’re on.”

We’re always working on our safety profile feature to make sure that Tinder users are treated with respect and privacy, and it is up to the Tinder team to make these changes as we see fit,” Van NASTS said.